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What Tony Robbins taught me about barre class

I know what you’re thinking – Tony Robbins? The alpha-male self-help mogul? Yes, that guy. Have you watched his documentary “I’m Not Your Guru”? It came out in 2016 but is now streaming on Netflix.

I saw someone post on Instagram about it and figured I’d give it a shot (plus I needed a little break from my Call the Midwife binge!)

Just a few minutes into watching, he said something that struck a chord.

“Life is always happening for us, not to us.” 

I paused and rewound. 

“Life is always happening FOR us, not TO us.” 

How does this relate to barre? Well, it’s incredibly true for your classes at Maiden Motion. 

“Your classes are happening FOR YOU, not TO YOU.”

Let me tell you what I mean…

When you show up for class, you’re showing up for yourself. Your instructor is there FOR YOU, providing coaching and exercises FOR YOU to make the most of.

Let’s talk push ups. Your instructor isn’t forcing you to do push ups. The push ups are there FOR YOU as a tool to build strength mentally and physically. They are there FOR YOU to work on your form, to challenge yourself, and to make progress on.

I know there are times in class when you can get frustrated, or downright exhausted. These are the times it can start to feel like class is being done TO YOU… “Eight more reps?! You’ve got to be crazy, lady! I can’t do it. It’s too hard. Why are you doing this to me? Don’t make me do any more.”  (Slightly dramatic, but you get my point). 

Try to remember that each exercise that is thrown your way is there FOR YOU. It’s not happening TO YOU.

You can take it at your own pace. Or you can go balls to the wall. The hour of time is here for you. We are here for you. Your class is here for you; it’s not happening to you.

Can you relate to feeling like class is happening TO YOU rather than FOR YOU? I think it could be a pretty powerful mindset shift to flip that around.

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