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The method behind our cardio barre classes

  1. When I was deciding how to train Maiden Motion instructors, I really didn’t have to think twice about what method to use. Barre Intensity is gaining steam as a leading method in the barre community. Their style is similar to Xtend Barre, which I taught for nearly five years. Both are higher cardio than the traditional barre styles, and allow for a lot of flexibility and creativity for instructors. 

All Maiden Motion instructors use the Barre Intensity method as their baseline. Then we customized our class format and exercises to make them unique to Maiden Motion. 

The main things I love about our barre style are: 


  1. Flow – our classes keep moving, in almost a constant flow from one series to the next. We try to avoid very complicated set ups and seamlessly transition between exercises. This makes the class fly by and brings up the energy level in the room. 
  2. Cardio – Our barre classes really have it all – strength, balance, function, and cardio. You can keep all of the cardio moves low impact, or we offer the option to do exercises like jumping jacks or plank jacks for a more intense cardio burst. Many people coming to a barre class don’t expect to sweat, but that’s not the case in our classes!
  3. Fatigue, but not torture – As with most barre methods, we are aiming to fatigue specific muscles in sequence (biceps, shoulders, then triceps, for example). But we plan our classes carefully to avoid overly fatiguing to the point where you get too frustrated, risk injury, or compromise your form. You’ll feel challenged, but not like it’s impossible. We encourage you to clear your head of negative inner thoughts and listen to your body. We want to make sure the workout is safe for both your body and mind. 
  4. No ballet jargon – Now, I’ve had mixed feeling on this. As a former dancer, I loved hearing the ballet terms I grew up with (first position, second position, batement, tendu, etc.) But I know that those terms can cause confusion and intimidation to people new to barre. Barre Intensity still uses the ballet positions, but simplifies the terms so everyone is on the same page (V, Wide V, kick, tap forward). 

These elements all help create a class that feels like something you can manage. Something you can improve on and practice. Not something so hard you need a month to recover. Don’t get me wrong, you will feel challenged and will likely be sore. But you’ll also hopefully feel like “I did that! It wasn’t easy, but my body feels good and strong. I’m feeling energized and confident.” 

I’ve been there before. Where you take a class and walk out just feeling terrible about yourself. I’ve felt “out of shape” or defeated that I couldn’t keep up or do some of the moves. I don’t want that for anyone who comes to Maiden Motion. We’ve got your back. 

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