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What makes our cardio dance classes stand out

We built our cardio dance classes to have a perfect level of challenge, fun, and function. Nearly every person who comes to class for the first time says, “I’m so uncoordinated!” And they end up hitting the choreography (at least most of it…lol) and having a blast! Not to mention sweating up a storm, getting in a full-blown cardio workout. 

You may want to know how ours are similar or different from the other cardio dance classes you’ve taken or heard of. So we’re pointing out some of the main differentiators: 

Typical cardio dance class: Maintain a medium level of cardio throughout class

Maiden Motion: Strength and functional movement with bursts of cardio

Yes, dancing is super fun. But we also want to make sure that you’re getting a full-body, effective workout. That’s why we incorporate traditional strength and body-weight exercises into our dances. Squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, you name it. Then you’ll go hard during cardio bursts lasting about 20 seconds. These include jumping jacks, kicks, burpees, plyometrics, shuffles, and other fast-paced moves. 

Typical cardio dance class: Little or no instruction

Maiden Motion: Brief instruction and practice to move toward confidence, reduce confusion and provide modifications

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling lost during a fitness class. That’s why we give a 1-2 minute breakdown of dances before we do them to walk you through any trickier choreography. During the breakdown we give options for modifications so you can choose your own intensity level and modify for injuries or other limitations. During class we do each dance twice, so you’ll get the hang of it! The more you come to class, the more familiar you’ll become with the typical moves we do. 

Typical cardio dance class: Dancing from start to finish

Maiden Motion: Segments for abs and arms, and targeted warm up and cool down

Our dances are intense, which is why we need to diversify our classes with other elements. The warm up will prepare your joints and muscles. Strength sections for abs and arms make sure you’re getting a full-body workout. And the standing cool down will help you safely transition out of class.

Whichever method you choose... It'll be okay. Just dance!

We’re huge fans of any kind of cardio dance, since it is such a fun and freeing form of movement. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of moving in synchrony with other women to the beat of the music. You get to sway your hips, pop your chest, swing your arms…if you’re used to more rigid forms of exercise it can feel so good to just let loose for an hour. 

You may feel nervous about trying a dance class if it’s out of your comfort zone. We encourage you to keep an open mind and try something new! 

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