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Why we do ab exercises in our cardio dance classes

After the warm up in our cardio dance classes, we head down to our mats for a 6-7 minute abdominal section. We quickly target your upper and lower abs and oblique muscles. This might come to a surprise to people who have gone to other cardio dance classes that either 1) don’t specifically work abs, or 2) save abs until the end of class. 

Here’s why we do abs the way we do: 

  1. You need your abs engaged while you’re dancing. By activating your abs at the start of class, they’re ready to help you during dance. Think of a high kick – your low abs help you lift your leg. Once you’ve woken up your abs, they’ll help stabilize and support you for the rest of class. By turning on your core at the start of class, your posture and form will improve and you’ll decrease the risk of injury. 
  2. The end of class is not ideal for abdominals. After intense cardio, it’s unsafe to sit down and let your blood pressure drop too rapidly. Plus laying down after dancing and having fun is sort of a buzz kill. 
  3. We want to end class on a high note. It’s an incredible feeling to leave it all on the dance floor knowing that a nice cool down is waiting for you.

We know it’s a bit unconventional for a cardio dance class to have a floor abs section, but we think it’s critical to optimizing your performance and keeping you safe!

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